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Michael Mortensen
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Film & Broadcast Headlines

07/01/11 "Limited Unlimited" - our 44-minute docuparody - is now in production.

10/22/10 Serafin's "I'll Be The Boy" launched October 21

10/02/10 Chloe Charles' "Water" launched October 1

11/09/07 "Letter to Liza" at Regent Park Film Festival.

05/29/07 Screen "Letter to Liza" online.

12/17/06 "Letter to Liza" at WILDsound Film Festival

10/11/06 "Letter to Liza" at Rendezvous with Madness

07/24/06 Mortensen on Scream TV's "This is What Happened ..."

06/05/06 "Letter to Liza" nomination: Best Experimental Film.

06/01/06 "Tea with Mother" (series demo) Teaser Screening.

Publishing Headlines

02/06 DON'T MISS: "The Last Days of Gutter Press"

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